Local laughter yoga

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Lesley Hills found enjoyment in laughter yoga more than 12 months ago and has brought it to Deniliquin through the Deni Laughter Club.

The fun fitness activity has been of major benefit to Ms Hills and became something she felt she had to share with her local community.

‘‘Over the past year I have attended a number of laughter sessions and felt this could really make a difference to the Deniliquin community which led me to do the Laughter Yoga Leader training in March,’’ she said.

‘‘This allowed me to start the club which has been running for four weeks; we have had an average of 15 people attend although I hope to see that number grow.’’

Laughter Yoga starting in Mumbai, India almost 25 years ago by a medical doctor who was undertaking research on the health benefits of laughter. Since that time laughter clubs have spread to more than 100 countries worldwide.

‘‘Laughter Yoga is a process where we practice simulated laughter exercises, yoga breathing and relaxation,’’ Ms Hills said.

‘‘A sustained period of laughter releases the feel good chemicals of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins into our bodies and in doing so regulates blood flow, oxygen to the brain, appetite, mood swings and in some cases eases depression and anxiety.

‘‘The aim of the session is to have fun, be playful and to allow ourselves to forget our everyday worries for that hour. A bonus to the club is that we don’t even have to practice any complicated yoga poses.’’

The club meets every Wednesday evening from 6.30pm until 7.30pm at the Intereach Community Centre in Trickett St.

A gold coin donation is required to assist meet the cost of room hire and insurance. New members are always welcome.

For more information contact Lesley Hills on 0458007435.