Cattle killed after stock crate rollover

By Olivia Duffey

Seven cattle were euthanased after an accident on the Cobb Highway between Pretty Pine and Wanganella on Sunday morning.

A B Double was carrying two stock crate trailers when the accident occurred about 6.50am.

Police said the back trailer swerved off the road and tipped after mechanical issues made it ‘jump forward’, activating its brakes.

Deniliquin VRA and Fire and Rescue NSW attended the scene before calling on Local Land Services to assess the cattle which were reported to have been in major distress.

The LLS euthanised seven of the cows and the remaining cattle were swiftly taken to a nearby paddock, but the number of surviving cows has not been confirmed.

The driver, a local farmer, and the cattle in the first trailer were unharmed in the incident.

Positive for cannabis

A 56 year-old man allegedly tested positive for cannabis when stopped by police on the Cobb Highway near Hill Plain on Wednesday morning.

He was stopped by Highway Patrol at 9.40am and given a random drug test. He was arrested for the positive indication and taken to the local police station where he underwent a secondary test that was also allegedly positive.

Police prohibited him from driving for 24 hours and a sample was sent off to the lab for a third round of testing.

The result will determine if the driver will have to face court and another positive result could mean he will be charged with driving with an illegal substance present in his system.

Counterfeit money used

Police are warning businesses in the local area and around the district to check $50 and $100 notes before accepting the money as payment following counterfeit notes being used to purchase goods at a Hardinge St business in Deniliquin.

Police are reviewing CCTV footage to find out who used a counterfeit $100 bill that had ‘specimen’ written on the face of the note.

Police have advised anyone unsure of a note’s authenticity, to call police and check it before accepting payment.

Charger stolen and returned

A 35 year-old Deniliquin woman received a criminal infringement notice over the weekend after allegedly stealing a phone charger from the Deniliquin Hospital on Thursday night.

Police were called on Friday and subsequently spoke to a woman about the alleged theft.

They said the property had been returned to its owner.

Table stolen

A small outdoor glass table was allegedly stolen from a Henry St house between 8pm on Friday and 1pm on Sunday.

Police are still investigating and say it was taken from the veranda.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 5881th9299 or CrimeStoppers on 1300th333th000.