Muster proposal

By Olivia Duffey

Craig Wilson chose his first ever Deni Ute Muster to pop ‘the question’ to his girlfriend of one year, Lauren Casey, on Friday — and she said ‘‘yes’’.

Attending the event was a ‘bucket list’ item for the couple from Wollondilly Shire.

And the moment was perfect according to Craig, who specifically waiting for the event to propose.

‘‘I had been planning to propose for about a month and the Muster ended up being the perfect time to do it, to be honest’’ he said.

‘‘She was excited to go and we worked out it was our first holiday without the children.’’

In retelling their proposal story, Lauren said it was ‘‘all a bit funny’’.

‘‘I was on my phone looking at the program and Craig was in the tent,’’ she said.

‘‘He asks me if I had a sec and I thought ‘what do you want now?’.

‘‘But I walked in the tent and he was on one knee. I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited!

‘‘So I gave him a kiss and he put the ring on my finger before we made a quick call to our parents.’’

After the calls to family, the couple made their way to other end of the Muster site to tell their friends.

And a few ‘strangers’ shared in the joyful news as well.

‘‘They (the friends) are the ones who got us together,’’ Lauren said.

‘‘I got bowled over when we got to them, I think everyone was pretty excited.’’