Drugs inside cooked chicken

By Zoe McMaugh

A 26 year-old man from Wagga was refused entry to the Deni Ute Muster site when a drug detection dog smelled something unusual inside his cooked barbecue chicken.

Murray River Police District Detective Inspector Jy Brown said the stuffing had been removed from the still hot chicken, and replaced with cannabis and other drugs.

Det Insp Brown said it was a good result in ensuring the drugs did not make it on site.

‘‘It was not an indictable quantity of drugs, but it was certainly more than you would consider personal use for one weekend,’’ he said.

‘‘He was therefore not allowed entry to the site.’’

Det Insp Brown said police also seized a large number of ecstasy pills from would-be Musterers at the front gate.

Two people from near Canberra were charged for possession and refused entry to the site.

Det Insp Brown said they were two of 13 drug detections recorded throughout the festival.

He said police also had two reports of stealing and issued seven criminal infringement notices.

He said impaired driving detections, while not the preferred zero, were in lower than expected numbers this year.

‘‘The Deni Ute Muster coincided with the state wide Operation Slow Down,’’ he said.

‘‘We conducted 2500 random breath tests over the weekend with two positive results — one on site and one it town. While two is still too many — because we always aim for zero — this is still a pleasing result.

‘‘We also had only nine people test positive for drug driving, and the laboratory results of those tests are still pending.

‘‘All our emergency services worked together well to keep people safe.

‘‘While there were some disappointing incidences, we were pleased they were only small in number.’’