Beccy brings her ‘Road Crew’

By Daniel Hughes

Beccy Cole says the Deni Ute Muster is among her favourite places to perform, and this year she shared the experience with a very special group.

Cole’s ninth ‘Aussie Road Crew’ trip — where the star herself travels and camps with her fans — included a stop at the famed festival this year.

They spent the entire weekend camping alongside other Muster fans and enjoying the entertainment, which included Cole’s Friday night performance.

The 16 day tour incorporating Deni was named ‘The Great Southern Loop’, and Cole said it was a unique experience ‘‘like no other’’.

Guests are served breakfast by Cole each morning, and serenaded around the campfire each night.

‘‘The trip so far is good fun,’’ Cole told the Pastoral Times on Saturday.

‘‘This trip started in South Australia 16 days ago and we’ve made our way through the Great Ocean Road and made our way up from Daylesford after three days there.

“We’ve got between 60 and 70 people and all these buses and RVs and tents, all these modes of transport, and places to sleep.

‘‘It’s a great life. We play music for them every night which is what is most important and cooking breakfast every morning for them isn’t that far removed from wanting to entertain people.

‘‘The two biggest things that bring people together are music and food and I think it’s important to share a meal every day and breakfast is great.

‘‘It gets them up, it gets them happy and with everybody in the morning.’’As a Muster crowd favourite, Cole has lost count of exactly how many Deni Ute Musters she has attended.

Saying this year must be her 10th at least, she said she’s been proud to be involved since the very first year.

‘‘Without a doubt I’ve seen it grow so much since attending the first one; I have experienced that potential,’’ she said.

‘‘To have been back so many times has been special.

‘‘The last time I attended it was grand final eve when I played because I was on my way to Melbourne to watch the Crows lose against Richmond, unfortunately.

‘‘To see the growth and see the change has been great, One of the most notable changes has been seeing it evolve into a family venue, where all ages are safe.

‘‘That is something so wonderful — to see so many of the kids and activities.’’The singer-songwriter’s show was all about having fun on Friday night, and she had the crowd in stitches with her stories and songs.

Cole showcased her talent as a multi-instrumentalist, playing a guitar solo, bass solo and playing the drums while singing during a cover of Kansas City, as well as an Aussie take on Dolly Parton’s Joelene, with a parody version called Noelene.

Cole enticed cheers from the crowd when she did a ‘shoey’ during her set, and when she punt kicked a stubbie holder out to the audience.

‘‘I normally pour the beer into some sort of larger vessel but was dared to do it. Someone yelled out ‘‘shoey’’ so obviously that means from my boot and not a sandal,’’ she recalled on Saturday.

‘‘I was very beer stained by the end of that, but a lot of it did go into my mouth id have to say.

‘‘Anything you can do to entertain the crowd and show them a good time is what it’s all about.

‘‘You have to put yourself into the position of the people who are coming along and buying a ticket. You never know what they’re going through so you just have to offer entertainment and happiness and offer a chance for people to forget about their worries for the time that you are on stage.

‘‘Entertainment is just a reminder that there is still a lot of joy in the world.

‘‘I’ve entertained people amidst the most hideous war and for farmers suffering through drought is not unlike those hideous times.

‘‘If you can just put on a bit of a show and take them away from their worries it really is important.’’

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