$3.16 mil sale is a good sign

By Olivia Duffey

Friday’s Store Sheep Sale in Deniliquin closed with total sales of more than $3.16 million.

There were 18,000 head expected to be offered at the annual sale, with 17,122 sold by its end.

Deniliquin Elders Rural Services livestock agent Jason Andrews said most pens exceeded expectations, and all involved were happy with the final result.

Scanclear yesterday confirmed the total amount sold on the day was $3,162,077.

Mr Andrews did note while numbers were significantly reduced, the market exceeded expectations and there was some healthy competition.

While the sale earned less than the last Store Sheep Sale total of $3.4 million, the 2019 total was earned from the sale of 30,000 sheep.

At the January 2018 store sale, 35,000 head were sold for a total of $5.8 million.

‘‘The sale went very well overall which probably has to do with a lift in the wool market, mutton market and lamb market at the start of the new year,” Mr Andrews said.

‘‘It was a very different season but I would think in most places it was better and some the same.

‘‘People were keen to pick up some stock before it rained which made a difference as well.

‘‘There was solid competition across all categories, however any lots that had 100 per cent scanned in lambs received the best competition.’’

Mr Andrews said given this season’s conditions, the range and quality of sheep on offer was excellent.

‘‘We had a range of sheep including crossbred ewes, Merino wethers, Merino ewes and fat lambs,’’ he said.

‘‘For the season, the sheep presented very well and were in forward to prime condition and very few stock were lacking cover on the day.’’

Going forward, Mr Andrews said reduced numbers could see an price increase in the market.

‘‘The reduced numbers offered at the sale tell me there is less stock around. This suggests prices are going to be similar or higher (in coming months), depending on if we get more showers of rain.

‘‘Industry numbers are back dramatically but we could see signs of high prices going in to the middle of the year.’’

Deniliquin farmer Michael Pisasale had the top pen of lambs, selling for $292.50. The average for lambs was $142.65.

RG Henson had the top priced rams, at $360, with others averaging $183.82.

Barmoal Nominees’ pen of wethers made a top of $136 with other pens averaging $122.87.

Tupra Pastoral Co made top pen in the ewes with $280 a head, other pens averaging at $220.27.