‘Hypocrisy’ over missing water

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

NSW Member for Murray Helen Dalton has accused the federal government of hypocrisy for blaming climate change for the two trillion litres of water ‘‘missing’’ from the Murray Darling river system.

‘‘Top scientists estimate that 20 per cent of water that should be flowing down our river is not,’’ Mrs Dalton said.

‘‘In response, the Murray Darling Basin Authority have said this is due to drought and climate change. This comes from a government that has denied climate change exists for years. Now, they’re saying it’s caused two trillion litres of water to evaporate. What a joke.’’

Mrs Dalton said it is clear mismanagement and corruption have played a part in the decline of our rivers. 

‘‘It’s been more than three years since the Independent Commission Against Corruption started investigating National Party water corruption, but we haven’t even heard an update from ICAC. No report. No justice,’’ Mrs Dalton said.

On a more positive note, the Murray MP expressed cautious optimism at the news the federal government would end all water buybacks.

‘‘I’ve campaigned for three years to end buybacks, so this announcement is a huge win,’’ Mrs Dalton said

‘‘Losing water has destroyed our communities and we can’t afford to have more taken away. I won’t believe this though, until it becomes law.’’